Greg Stanton Marra
Hi! I'm Greg.

I'm fascinated by how people use the internet to connect with each other

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I make robots

I'm an engineer because some awesome mentors taught me how to build robots in high school

Now I help run a site to support the FIRST Robotics community

I went to Olin College

Olin is a 300 student engineering college outside Boston

I learned how engineering, design, and entrepreneurship enable you to imagine what has never been and do whatever it takes to make it happen

I work at Meta

I've always been interested in how people connect through technology, so now I work on making that easier


Facebook Feed
Facebook Feed

Working to make Facebook Feed more interesting, better at helping people connect with friends and family, and become more informed about the world around them. Most of my work was on the Feed ranking algorithm and Feed Integrity trust and safety.

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Meta RPMs
Meta RPM Program

Helped build Meta's early career rotational product management program, growing hundreds of folks into be high impact PMs and building a strong community.

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The Blue Alliance
The Blue Alliance

Started and help manage volunteer developer community that runs video site to support the FIRST Robotics Competition high-school STEM program. The Blue Alliance is a key part of the online FIRST community, with over 5,000,000 visits annually.

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Socialbots 2008

At Olin College, built an autonomous network of social robots. Unsupervised, the bots convinced human users to follow them and reply emotionally to tweets.

Presented at SXSW 2011, MIT-Knight Civic Media 2012, and SXSW 2013.

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Gator Self Driving Vehicle
Off-Road Self Driving Car 2010

Designed and built off-road robotics research platform for my Olin capstone project. The robot followed GPS waypoints with half meter accuracy while avoiding obstacles using LIDAR.

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Twanslator 2009

Ever wish you spoke another language so you could have more followers in Europe? Now you can! Twanslator watched your tweets and automatically reposted them in a foreign language.

Yawnlog 2009

Yawnlog was a website to help you track your sleep and compete for most/least with friends.

Featured on ReadWrite, Lifehacker, and The Next Web

Mural for Android
Mural 2009

Mural turned your Android phone's wallpaper into a social experience. Automatically post your phone's wallpaper to Facebook for your friends to see, and get suggestions from your friends for newer (better!) wallpapers than the one you have.

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Weasley Clock
Weasley Clock 2010

In Harry Potter, Weasley family has a clock that points to where everyone in the family is. An Android phone, an Arduino, and a hobby servo get you pretty close.

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