About Mural

Your phone's wallpaper is your personal customization that shows off who you are and what you care about. Mural lets you share that personalization with all of your friends on Facebook (including the 99% without Android phones) and lets you send and receive wallpaper suggestions with your other friends who have Mural. Show off your cool wallpaper, and recommend cooler ones to your friends.

Get Mural

Mural is available for download on the Android Market. Search "mural" to find it!

We accidentally lost control of the getmural.com domain name, and our Facebook auth system was never that great. We have let Mural fade away into app heaven to focus on other projects. Farewell, Mural!


Who Are We?

Mural was created by Erik Kennedy, Dongwoo Kim, Yunseok Jang, and Greg Marra. Mural was created as part of Olin College's Developing Mobile Phone Apps course. Other apps created for the course include Craigslistener, What's For Dinner, and Flashcards.